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When you are free

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Sometimes we have nothing to do in our workplace and most of us as employees experience that, me too..

However I don’t like the fact that I come to the office everyday without getting an assignment. It makes me bored. So I will start bothering my colleagues see if there is any simple task I can help.

Recently one of my colleagues has come to this situation, nothing to do, for weeks. The boss knows but she is too busy to find him any task (this is funny). He seems to enjoy his time in the office very much. Browse internet from morning till evening.

A question came to my mind, would you ever ask for something to do when you are so free? Or you will hide yourself behind the cubicle like my colleague and get paid without doing anything?


My 8 years old Gigabyte Gmax N501 notebook.


Written by tisiang

December 14, 2012 at 9:44 am

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